Lomas del Mar
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There is never a lack of things to do in the area. Local shops rent kayaks, scuba and snorkeling equipment. There are local fisherman who will take you out on the ocean for a day of fishing. Just a 5 minute drive away threre is free, public access to a clean, sandy beach that stretches for miles where you can swim, surf, walk, or just laze the day away, or you can spend hours hiking the hills. Horses can be rented to ride on the beach or explore the hills. You can also tour wineries and go to wine tasting events for a day trip.

Lomas del Mar is just 3 miles from the famous "La Bufadora," a marine geyser that spouts sea water high into the air. This is a result of air trapped in a sea cave that explodes upwards when the tide comes in and forces the air out. There are hundreds of quaint little tourist shops lining the path that leads to the blowhole.

The small community of Punta Banda and La Jolla Beach Camp has social and volunteer groups, a salon for events and get-togethers, a small theater for live plays put on by locals and childrens' productions among other entertainment. There is even a small library filled with thousands of books (in English) in a variety of different genres.

Lomas del Mar 2020
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