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As you there are certain laws in Mexico, that give the right to rent land, instead of sell properties. We do not sell land, we rent the land.

It is common in this places to misinterpret ate the law. We can not sell land to people who are not Mexico natives. And we do not break the laws. So, we ask for some details.

USA: (619) 534-66-57 (Freecall)

Mexico Office: 01152 (646) 154-26-16

Radio: 152*14*4132


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How to get to Lomas del Mar

By land, Baja California provides excellent an excellent highway and road system that connect all major destinations of the state and lead to the southernmost points of the peninsula.

The Federal highway 2, Takes travelers from Tijuana to La Paz; Federal highway 2 connects Tecate and Mexicali, which travels across La Rumorosa mountain range, also offer great scenic travel , worthy of stopovers and pause for photo opportunities along the way.

Don't miss the scenic drives of the Tijuana-Rosarito-Ensenada Toll road, where in a 1 hour drive you can enjoy fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean Along the Trans Peninsular scenic highway.

From Ensenada, take the Federal highway 1 to La Paz (south bound) and in the town of Maneadero, exit right at the road to La Bufadora (The Blowhole). Look for La Jolla Camp at mile 7 (Punta Banda) continue the main road about a mile more, and in the left hand side of the road, you will finf us.

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